Welcome to Pike & Perch with Simon and Björn

Sportfishing, a popular activity during all seasons. Our great sportfishing interest makes it possible for you to experience sportfishing on the lake during all seasons. As long as the lakes are ice-free, we have stable guide and rental boats with modern reliable Suzuki 4 stroke engines. Our boats are protected by insurance and a simple rental contract lays the foundation for a serious business and a security for all parties.

When the ice settles, we have the equipment for the popular ice fishing. Depending on the weather conditions and the choice of fishing waters, we can also arrange transport by snowmobile.

We offer guided sportfishing experiences and have partners for accommodation. Many of our guests appreciate fishing by themselves. Then we offer an introduction day (4 or 8 hour) together on the fishing water and then they take care of themselves during the stay.

In the middle of Sweden in the municipality of Nordanstig close to a village called Bergsjö, lies two connected lakes, Kyrksjön and Storsjön. There we have our starting point. Our rental boats are normally at the marina in Kyrksjön but we also have the opportunity to move the boats to other lakes.

In our waters we apply sustainable fishing. It is very important for us that everyone should have the opportunity to experience good sportfishing of natural fish, even for future generations.